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Braunschweig has about 250,000 inhabitants and is the second largest city of Lower Saxony. The landmark of Braunschweig is the “Lion”, originally a symbol of Henry the Lion. He built the city into a major community in the Middle Ages so that the city soon became a strong commercial center. Other old landmarks of the city are the great towers of the St. Andrew's Church, which can be seen already miles away. Braunschweig was entitled "City of Science 2007" by the Donors' Association for German Science and is nowadays considered an important position of science and research. Did you know that in Braunschweig football was played for the first time in Germany? In 1874 the teacher Konrad Koch taught his students today’s most popular sport in Germany.

The Lion City, where tradition and modernity fuse into each other, offers many attractions that date from the time of foundation and conjure a medieval flair to the city. Century-old half-timbered houses, quaint castles, unique and churches well worth seeing contribute to the charm of the city. Especially at the castle square you can, because of the medieval layout and the surrounding buildings like the Cathedral of St. Blasius, the Dankwarderobe castle and the town hall, put yourself very well into the middle ages. Dive into this different world and stay at one of our private rooms from your accommodation service Braunschweig.

In addition to the Castle Keep, there are more interesting places to discover in Braunschweig. The “Magni-quarter” with the Happy RIZZI House, which is conspicuous by its colorful houses towers, as well as the “Michael-quarter” and the”Aegidien-quarter” that impress with many nostalgic half-timbered houses. Braunschweig can also score with an eclectic theater scene, which ranges from classical theater to dance theaters and musicals.

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Braunschweig sightseeing

Cathedral of St. Blasius
The Evangelical Lutheran cathedral is on the south side of the Castle Square. It was built by Henry the Lion 1173-1195 as a nave vaulted basilica. When Henry the Lion died in 1195, he was buried in the church alongside his wife Mathilde. Next to the graves other important works of art are located, like the carved wooden crucifix by Imervard (2nd half of the 12th century), the seven-armed candlestick (1170/80) or St. Mary's Altar (1188).
Royal Palace
The Braunschweig Residential Palace was partially destroyed in the Second World War, then completely demolished in 1990 and was built with most of the remaining original parts back in 2007. On the portico of the palace is a charioteer group. It is the largest quadriga across Europe; the car is directed by the city goddess Brunonia. The castle accommodates the city archives, the library, the Institute of Culture, the cultural administration and the so-called "Red Room" as an event center. Furthermore, a museum will be arranged on the premises that will show old documents, photographs, paintings and furniture which were obtained after the war.
Herzog Anton Ullrich-Museum
The Herzog Anton Ullrich-Museum is the oldest museum in Germany and even the third oldest museum in Europe open to the public, which was opened in 1754 and was named after the founder Anton Ullrich, the Duke of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. The major art museum shows bronze statues, furniture, ivory carvings and majolica, a collection of landscape and life paintings by artists such as Francois Boucher, Albrecht Durer and Rembrandt.

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